Believe In Love: Tiffany Engagement Diamond Rings of Brand New True Series Review

Believe In Love: Tiffany Engagement Diamond Rings of Brand New True Series Review

In 2019, Tiffany romantically presented the new Tiffany True series of engagement diamond rings, turning the endless promise of love into a Tiffany True diamond ring, celebrating the power of love.

Tiffany True series engagement diamond ring features with a geometric design of modern and a beautiful line of cutting process, cleverly interpreting the classic letter “T”, outlining the love, blooming unparalleled brilliance,writing Tiffany’s legendary modern love story continually. The series is destined to become another classic after the world-famous Tiffany® Setting six-prong set diamond ring, writing Tiffany’s legendary legend.

“The Tiffany and co Ring of True series combines unique mosaic techniques and professional cutting techniques to interpret the happy love story with a modern perspective.” – Reed Krakoff, Tiffany Chief Art Officer

A romantic Tiffany&co diamond ring is derived from the craftsmanship. Tiffany engagement ring of True series was born in Tiffany’s unique diamond cutting skills, created with original cutting process, named Tiffany True for its pure and real charm. The skilled Tiffany craftsman has given Tiffany’s unique charm to the craftsmanship of the cutting process, and it shines in different angles.

The Tiffany True Engagement Rings has two different cutting processes. The white diamond comes from Tiffany’s innovative Tiffany True cut – a square blend cut with a larger surface area of the main facet, which enhances the contrast and scattering of the light, further highlighting the gorgeous brilliance of diamonds. Another diamond ring features a pillow-shaped cut, which is smeared with the legendary Tiffany yellow diamond. Classic white diamonds and legendary yellow diamonds, as a symbol of Tiffany’s diamond heritage and craftsmanship, compose Tiffany’s remarkable style together.

The Tiffany True diamond rings showcase the architectural beauty with a minimalist style and bold lines through a modern perspective, presenting a new masterpiece that expresses the charm of style. Tiffany True series ring perfectly interprets the classic letter “T” with Tiffany-style of modern, which not only symbolizes Tiffany’s brand name, but also a new expression of Tiffany’s modern love concept. Different from the past, the Tiffany&co engagement rings of True series are designed with a low setting to close the skin and create a diamond ring suitable for everyday wear by urban independent women.

Nature has always been the source of inspiration for Tiffany, and the idea of protecting nature is deeply rooted in the core culture of the Tiffany brand. As a leading luxury brand, whether it is from the purchase of diamonds and precious metals, or in the process of jewelry production, Tiffany has always adhered to an ethical and environmentally responsible approach, committed to making Tiffany a proud brand. For Tiffany jewelry, every diamond comes from a production plant with state-of-the-art cutting technology. From pristine rough stone to beautiful diamonds, Tiffany’s craftsmen present unparalleled Tiffany True diamonds with the pursuit of ultimate-delicate beliefs and exquisite skills.

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