How To Catch The 2019 Fashion Trend – With The Best Tiffany & Co. Brooch Is Enough

How To Catch The 2019 Fashion Trend – With The Best Tiffany & Co. Brooch Is Enough

For a long time, the red carpet is an important part of the actress’s competition. However, this year’s 25th American Actors Guild Awards ceremony was robbed by Chadwick Bosman’s brooch. Hollywood actor Chadwick Boseman has won countless fans in the corner of T’Challa in the superheroic sci-fi movie Panthers. Chadwick Boseman chose the Tiffany & Co. brooch to match the overall look, with a tough and handsome gentleman’s style.

Tiffany & Co. Schlumberger 18K yellow gold and diamond mosaic brooch
Tiffany & Co. Schlumberger 18K yellow gold diamond styling brooch
Tiffany & Co. Schlumberger 18K yellow gold and diamond five-leaf brooch

The brooch in your jewelry box will give surprises through different ways of wearing.


Elizabeth Taylor

The most traditional and basic wearing method of brooch is on chest, this is commonly used method. It will not make mistakes and be less ritual.


Kennedy Jacqueline

Grace Kelly

Naturally combine the two methods of wearing, the fashion is easy and effortless to reflect. This method of wearing is more picky about the material of the brooch and the shape of the garment. It is more suitable for matching a dress and sleeveless clothing, and the brooch should be as close as possible and have its own arc.


Audrey Hepburn

Many people will wear a warm and fashionable hat in the winter. Unique brooch can not only serve as a just embellishment, but also bring us back to the vintage fashion of the 1950s.


The scarf is also an indispensable fashion accessory for girls in the winter. The brooch can also be embellished to give you more freshness, while also fixing the scarf better!


Duchess of Windsor puts the cheetah brooch at the waist

In fact, in the winter, heavy coats are difficult to highlight the line of the woman’s waist. Choose a slim fit or a tight-fitting wool coat. We can also choose a long brooch to wear on the waist or belt to form a clever connection between the top and bottom, so as to better highlight the curve of the body.

A pair of cufflinks and chic at the cuffs of the shirt, if you wear a brooch, it will be more fashionable. But pay attention to the size and tightness of the cuffs, as well as the weight of the fabric and brooch of the clothes.

Tiffany & Co. SAVE THE WILD Elephant Brooch, Extra Large, 18K Rose Gold, Diamond

Pants pocket
Wearing multiple brooches in the trouser pocket is an avant-garde and trendy look.

Put brooch in the hair is more often for wedding. This brooch is always in the shape of flower and leaf with pearls and diamonds, which is classic and retro.

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