How To Handle The Diamond That Wears Long? Maintenance Method Of Tiffany & Co Diamond Jewelry

How To Handle The Diamond That Wears Long? Maintenance Method Of Tiffany & Co Diamond Jewelry

As a woman will generally do housework, as well as sorting. If it is some simple housework will not hurt the diamond, while if it is physical work, a lady must pay attention to it and try not to wear. Although diamonds are hard, they can be damaged by a violent collision with something hard.

Here I will introduce the maintenance method of Tiffany & Co diamond jewelry
Do not contact with high-temperature chemicals
While doing the dishes and washing the clothes, make sure that the diamond doesn’t come into contact with anything like bleach. Because it will cause the heat to fade the setting, and diamonds are very sensitive to heat.

Be careful to wear
No matter for the price or the meaning of diamond, which represents eternal love, people should wear the diamond accessory carefully and have better be able to go checking every once in a while. Do not wait until the diamond has become loose and the phenomenon such as damage still does not know completely. If a lady has discovery such circumstance must go professional personnel that can make the diamond ring in a goo way as the original appearance.

Regular cleaning
Diamond, like glass, if long-time exposure to smoke oil or, skin grease, such as discharge makeup oil, it will be full of grease to lose their original luster. So it’s best to use specialized jewelry cleaning solution soak for 5 minutes a month. After taking out, people can use small brush gently brush, then careful washing, finally with clean cotton soft cloth blot moisture.

Separately place
If you have a lot of jewelry, you should never put them in a box in a haphazard way. Because diamonds are very hard and sharp. If you put diamonds together with other jewelry, the friction between the jewelry will damage their respective surfaces and affect the original beauty of the jewelry.

The cleaning method for Tiffany & Co diamond jewelry
Detergents cleaning
Had better be able to use warm water to clean, rejoin a few cleaners, wait for the wet that stirs bubble to put a diamond and rinse it gently with a small brush. After brushing to put a filter net to be rinsed carefully with warm water, suck dry with paper towel finally.

Cold water immersion
Put a small amount of detergent in cold water. The ratio of water to detergent is 4:1. Put the diamond in it, then brush it and soak it for a few minutes. Finally, dry it before you store it.

Concrete steps: Pour half a cup of water into a disposable paper cup and add an equal amount of household ammonia water. Also can use special gem cleaner, the effect is very good also.

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