Imprint of Love: Tiffany co Paloma’s Graffiti Jewelry Review

Imprint of Love: Tiffany co Paloma’s Graffiti Jewelry Review

About Paloma Picasso

Paloma Picasso is a world-renowned jewellery designer and fashion idol. She combines bright colored gemstones into jewellery design to create unique, impactful and modern jewellery that is widely acclaimed. Both Paloma Picasso and Tiffany are pursuing simple jewellery designs. The X-series, scribble, zigzag and graffiti collections perfectly highlight the remarkable design features of Ms. Picasso. The jewels involved in today’s article come from the highly sought-after Paloma’s Graffiti collection of Tiffany & co.

It is well-known that street graffiti has now become a trend culture. Graffiti first appeared in the United States in the 1960s. After years of development, it has spread to many countries in the world. The graffiti with bright colors and individuality is a static expression of street culture. It is derived from the most direct inner voice.

Paloma’s Graffiti series from Tiffany’s co-designer Paloma Picasso, inspired by the graffiti culture of New York in the 1970s, contains a series of “LOVE” lettering, as well as hand-drawn arrows and hearts, reminiscent of graffiti Free brushstrokes.

The love-shaped pendant of the Tiffany&co Graffiti necklace is based on the handwriting of the designer Paloma Picasso. The “love” letters are displayed in handwritten fonts, and the smooth lines are connected in series. Available in different versions of yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, silver and diamonds, the enamel diamonds make this exquisite pendant shine and stunning.

 In addition, the Love style of the Tiffany Paloma’s Graffiti collection also includes bracelets and rings. The bracelet and the ring follow the handwriting, the overall shape is exquisite and compact, the lines are smooth and full of movement. Small care can be exchanged for love, these refined jewels are very suitable for birthday or Valentine’s Day.

 In addition, Tiffany and co Paloma’s Graffiti series also launched the arrow-shape model, the pendant with hand-drawn arrows and heart shape, the ends of the arrow cluster slightly tilted, the heart shape is asymmetrical, which is small and cute. The feathers of the arrow tail are cleverly designed with double “X” lettering, representing the kiss between lovers. The combination of heart-shaped charm and arrow-shaped  pendant is reminiscent of the “Cupid’s Arrow”, which is simply a magic weapon that can make your love story furthermore impressive and unforgettable.

The Tiffany&co earrings if this collection echo the graffiti theme in an unpaired design. You can choose a stud earring with the word “LOVE” to match the arrow ear-stud earrings, which can create a unique and chic wearing effect.

Are these incomparably amazing and gorgeous Tiffany jewelry of Paloma’s Graffiti collection attracted to you? We think there will probably be at least 85% of the exquisite woman’s answer is definitely yes,maybe you are one of them.

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