Jewelry Tips: How To Clean And Maintenance Tiffany Necklace Of Sterling Silver

Jewelry Tips: How To Clean And Maintenance Tiffany Necklace Of Sterling Silver

For girls who like to buy jewelry, Tiffany and co brand should be familiar with everyone. They have produced a lot of refined necklaces, especially the necklace of sterling silver is very popular. But usually, it will turn black or yellow after a long time. How to solve it? This is our theme today.

About Sterling Silver

Before learning how to maintain the Tiffany&co necklace of sterling silver, we must first understand this material. It is a metallic silver with a content close to 100%. The 92.5% silver-containing alloy containing 7.5% copper is internationally known as standard silver. Also known in the UK as Sterling. It should be emphasized that the 925 silver jewelry is not 100% silver.

Will the Tiffnay Sterling Silver necklace turn black or yellow and why

The Tiffany necklace will change color. Because most Tiffany necklaces are made of silver, and silver products will react with the sulfur in the air for a long time, resulting in black silver sulfide. This is the reason why the silver necklace turn black, even the Tiffany necklace is the same. And because each person’s endocrine and constitutional conditions are different, some people’s sweat contains more acid, some people are less, and some people have higher sulfur content in body fluids. These are the substances that cause the surface of the silverware to become black, so each individuals wearing silverware will produce different results.

How to clean your Tiffany sterling silver necklace?

There are two main methods of physical and chemical cleaning of Tiffany 925 silver necklace after blackening.

The principle of the physical whitening method is to use the small particles in the medium to remove the oxide film on the surface of the silver necklace(without diamond), which is equivalent to peeling off a layer of skin from the silver necklace.

1.Toothpaste. Squeeze the toothpaste of daily brushing onto the soft toothbrush, brush the oxidized silver necklace back and forth, pay attention to the brush, do not touch the water, don’t put it on the faucet and rinse it, and the necklace will become as bright as the new one.

dispensing toothpaste onto a tooth brush

2. Apply lipstick to the cloth and wipe the necklace. Finally, rinse with water.

The principle of chemical cleaning is to destroy the oxide film on the surface of the silver necklace by the reduction reaction in the chemical. Compared with the physical method,it is relatively simple, and will not leave scratch on the silver necklace, more suitable for our use in daily life.

There are several ways to do this:

1. Soaked in Coca-Cola, the cola contains carbonic acid, and the soaking time is 12 hours.

2. Scrub with vinegar for cooking. The vinegar contains acetic acid.

3. Wipe with a silver cloth. The silver cloth has chemical components to remove silver oxide.

4. Soak in a professional silver-washed water for one to two minutes, then rinse with plenty of water.

How to care your Tiffany sterling silver necklace

In addition to learning to clean, careful maintenance is also extremely important, these recommendations must be followed.

1. Separate storage Avoid collision

Do not wear other precious metal jewellery while wearing Tiffany necklace to avoid collision deformation or abrasion. In addition, it should be stored separately when not wearing, so as to avoid the problem of necklace entanglement and necklace friction.

2. Remember to take off before sleeping and taking a bath

Although there is nothing wrong with wearing a silver necklace, it is recommended to take it off before going to sleep, so it is the same to bathe in order to cause unnecessary damage to the quilt and other items during sleep.

3. Regular cleaning

Tiffany necklaces are easy to react with the sweat secreted by the human body. Therefore, they should be cleaned regularly after each wear.

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