Legend of Tiffany & Co.– Paloma Picasso Is The Designer, Who Known As The “Golden Inspiration for Jewelry Design”

Legend of Tiffany & Co.– Paloma Picasso Is The Designer, Who Known As The “Golden Inspiration for Jewelry Design”

Even if you don’t love art and don’t watch art exhibitions, you must know the name Picasso, who is known as “a rare genius in the history of human art” and is the greatest painter of the 20th century. At the same time, he was the first painter to live and see his work being collected into the Louvre. He was also one of the few painters who had fame and fortune.

Palomar is the youngest daughter of Picasso with his first wife. And she was born in 1949 and has just ended in World War II. In commemoration of the great victory of World War II and the celebration of the newly born of his little daughter, Picasso created the world-famous “Peace Dove” and named her daughter “Paloma”, which means “pigeon” in Spanish.

Paloma, born with the huge aura of Picasso, has inherited his father’s artistic talent since childhood. She has a pair of beautiful eyes and a smart brain. What’s more, she is able to integrate the bits and pieces of life into the jewelry design. For this reason, her series of jewelry has been appreciated by the critics and the attention of the jewelry industry.

Paloma has created countless classics for Tiffany & Co.
Since its founding in 1837, Tiffany & Co. has been a famous jewellery brand sought after by the world. Whether it is the iconic Tiffany Blue or the classic six-claw crown engagement diamond ring, Tiffany & Co. has left a very deep mark in the hearts of the world. Due to the great jewelry designer, the brand has satisfactory success.
In the 180 years history of Tiffany, there have been many outstanding jewellery designers, including one female, who has occupied 34 years. She is the unique brand sign of Tiffany and she is Paloma Picasso.

In 1979, John Loring, Tiffany Design Director, invited Paloma to design tableware for an exhibition belonging to Tiffany. And the next year, in 1980, Tiffany & Co. launched the first exclusive jewelry Xs series designed by Palomar for the brand, whose gorgeous style and purely bright colors make her design exude a unique exotic charm. There is no doubt that Palomar’s first cooperation with Tiffany & Co. was a great success. Since then, more than 30 years later, Paloma and Tiffany & Co. have been closely linked and inseparable.

Before Paloma became the exclusive jewelry designer of brand, Tiffany & Co. had barely launched such a colorful and unique style of jewelry. Paloma combines exotic gemstones with European luxury, which is amazing and amazing. And almost all of her works became Tiffany & Cosales classic.

The appreciation works of Paloma Picasso designed for Tiffany & Co

Tiffany & Co Dove pendant and brooch

Tiffany & Co. Xs diamond jewelry

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