The Testimony of Human History: Love And Peace Are The Main Themes of Tiffany & Co.

The Testimony of Human History: Love And Peace Are The Main Themes of Tiffany & Co.

Precious thing is not only like a historical book, but also like a travelogue. Palomar’s work is the beautiful collection of art. Through her jewels, people can be personally on the scene and appreciate the different beauty around the world. Her work is as bright as her own, with a unique style and strong chic. Among the many classic collections designed by Palomar for Tiffany, peace and love have always been the eternal theme: the olive leaf, the loving heart, the Dove series and the Venezia series.

Paloma Picasso® Olive Leaf carries the rich personal feelings of Tiffany’s exclusive designer Paloma Picasso. Inspired by the olive leaves that symbolize peace and abundance, this collection is like being placed in the lush olive groves surrounding her Moroccan mansion. The olive branches match the color treasures to create a warm and peaceful feeling, as if you can purify the human heart and feel peace and tranquility.

The Dove is based on her father’s Peace Dove. Paloma uses the simple and soft lines to create the image of a dove of peace, vividly showing the white dove that soars in the sky. A spiritual pigeon can calm people down. Peace and quiet are no longer just a yearning for the heart, because this pigeon will lead your thoughts to a world far from conflict and strife.

Palomar is a person who pays great attention to the details of life. She will always draw inspiration from her life and incorporate it into her jewelry design. The loving heart series is her inspiration from the experience of life, bringing people a different experience of love.

Paloma once said: “The cultural and historical heritage of the hustle and bustle gives Venice a wonderful atmosphere, and I really want to incorporate this feeling into the jewels”. Therefore, she likes to travel very much and she integrates the beauty of the ancient city of Venice, the characteristic architecture and historical heritage into the jewelry. Through the Venezia collection, we can explore the unique style of Venice and peek into its ultimate beauty.

Paloma Picasso Venezia Jewelry

Paloma Picasso olive leaf Jewelry

Paloma Picasso Dove Jewelry

Paloma Picasso loving heart Jewelry

Jewelry designer whose works are collected by the museum before her death

In 1988, she was praised by The Fashion Group as “a woman who has an extraordinary influence on the jewelry industry”. Her two pieces of jewelry were permanently collected by the museum, one of which was a purple spodumene necklace, which was collected by the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History. The other is a moonstone bracelet, which is housed in Chicago’s The Field Museum of Natural History.

396.30 carats purple spodumene necklace

408.63 carat moonstone bracelet

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