Tiffany Blue In The 25-year-old “Friends” Is Still Very Classic

Tiffany Blue In The 25-year-old “Friends” Is Still Very Classic

After reading countless humorous comedies, if choose the one comedy that is the most brushed? I believe that many people’s answers are “Friends”. As the first comedy of many people in these years, it gave everyone too much laughter when watching. At the same time, it makes people understand the truth of life and love.

Brushed so many times, do you think you know enough about Friends? Although it has been broadcast for 25 years since 1994, “Friends” is still strong and strong, and the traffic is not reduced.

The latest research shows that although there is enough new content on TV, Friends is still the first choice for the global audience in 2018. After 25 years of broadcasting, the ratings are still so stable, thanks in part to Netflix’s purchase of Friends from Warner Bros., which provides a stable channel for playback.

In December 2018, Netflix once reported that it would unsubscribe from friends in 2019.
Fans around the world are very excited, and @Netflix protests on social platforms, saying that they are buying members to see Friends. If unsubscribe, the Netflix will no longer be used.

The New York Times: Netflix buys Friends’ rights to play in 2019 with a $100 million agreement

For the replay of “Friends”, in addition to let Warner Bros. earned a lot of money, so that the main stars can share a piece of cake. According to media reports, the replay of Friends has still brought $1 billion to Warner Bros., and according to the syndicated agreement, the six stars can get 2% of them, or $20 million a year.

In addition to the popularity of the main characters in the film and television drama, the items appearing inside have also been enthusiastically sought after by the audience. For example, Tiffany & Co. is the little blue box that keeps me thinking for years. Although I can’t remember the style of the jewelry inside, this color has been repeated in my mind.

I believe this is also the dream of many girls. This color, which symbolizes happiness and romance, has become the backdrop for every important day — Valentine’s Day, engagement and the necessary jewels for marriage.

Tiffany & Co Setting six-claws diamond white gold ring

Tiffany & Co Setting diamond ring is so popular for girls, Which is designed to maximize a diamond’s brilliance by raising it up from the the band.

As the exclusive blue of Tiffany & Co, it has applied for a patent and became an international universal color card. And the brand is absolutely confident in its own products and design, Tiffany Blue box can only be given not sale. Therefore, even for Tiffany blue, girls must have the jewelry of this brand.

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